All of these pieces are available for sale at Glenn Greene’s Stained Glass Studio. For more information about the artwork, and/or shipping & handling please feel free to call or stop by the studio, visit our contact page for more information. Visit Glenn Greene’s Stained Glass on Etsy to browse items we have for sale online.

Copyright © 2014 Glenn Greene Studio, All Rights Reserved

One comment

  1. Hi Glenn
    Thanks a lot for a job well done, this afternoon! I got much
    more than the pieces of glass, really! It’s the first time I got to relate to another crafter and artist and this is going to stimulate me to get started and get out there on my own hopefully one day…
    I don’t know what I like most about your work: the colors and combinations, the clear glass arrangements, the asymmetry that I find so pleasant to navigate…
    Your presence as a master craftsman , so available and open, right there off the street , is generously basking us , Pittsburghers, with beauty, warmth, and the unmistaken pride of an artisan lovingly involved in his art. It is the unchanged , millennium old, measured pace of what you do with your hands that is the greatest gift to the visitors of your studio. Where else can one totally relax in the flow of a normal human tempo nowadays?
    There is much more to be said but I haven’t got the time ’cause I must run!!!!

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